What’s holding you back from achieving more success in your business?

Do you have the right business strategy in place to adapt to the ever-changing external business environment, with the required resources and capabilities to drive profitable growth?

When ambitious business owners lack clarity on their next move, we help them gain perspective, set the right strategy and prepare for change so that they can execute with confidence.

In a highly competitive market, businesses are under pressure to differentiate themselves from their competitors whilst at the same time needing to build a winning team from a scarce pool of talent.

Managing these demands and prioritising time to think about the future of your business is a tough reality that all business owners face. A business coach can help you address business goals and team capabilities with a clear roadmap and ongoing support to grow a successful business.

We’ve helped business owners and their teams make a significant impact in their business and increase their market value.

For the last 10 years GROW has been working with business owners to build and scale successful businesses. As your coach, we provide ongoing support to you and build the capabilities of your team to develop a strategy for your business with a clear action plan to implement.

We are invested in the potential of medium-sized businesses in South Africa to convert business success into economic growth through entrepreneurial leadership.

We aim to radically impact 1000 businesses by 2030.

Why Do It Alone? Join Our Business GROWTH Network

  • Three times a year, we host our exclusive GROW Summit, where you and your team are guests of honour. At this summit, you will learn even more about yourself and your business as well as have the opportunity to connect with other accomplished business leaders and inspiring speakers.
  • Are your key staff dropping the ball on essential tasks?
  • Is it difficult for you to trust your management team to take the reins?
  • Does it take too long to execute on great ideas?
  • Do you struggle to maintain a work life balance that makes working feel more enjoyable?

What happens next?

Prior to this 3-hour group workshop, we’ll help you define your top 1 to 3 priorities with a questionnaire and personal call from a coach. By doing this, we ensure we cover relevant topics focused on what you need in your business. By the end of it, you will feel confident to start implementing at least one key action in your business straight away.

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