For the last 10 years, GROW has been working with business leaders to build and scale successful businesses.

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Every month we help over 100 business leaders and their teams tap into their strengths and take action with a clear roadmap to improve business, people and profits. Our goal is to radically impact 1000 businesses and the lives of their teams by 2030.

Our journey started when our founder, Graham Mitchell, went to see a coach to help him map out the next stage of his career after a decade in the financial services industry and in this process he realised he was passionate about helping others learn how to take the next step too.

Through researching and applying different coaching and business growth methodologies, Graham and the team at GROW developed their own approach to building businesses which is based on what has worked in getting results for GROW’s clients.

GROW’s team of expert coaches have on-the-ground experience in working with business leaders and are able to support them in the pressures they face.

Our coaches are able to help entrepreneurs and their teams set direction in their business by clearly defining purpose, values and a clear strategy, then to build a winning team that can deliver operational excellence to achieve the strategy with the clear focus of ensuring all that we coach can become the best version of themselves.

Using the best technology, GROW has an online platform for you and your team to track progress against your set strategy. In addition, we deliver online training in over fifty fundamental business principles so that you and your management team can learn through an easy to use self-learning platform, which helps to accelerate your management team’s learning and ability to apply these principles for business success.

We believe in South African businesses. Our goal is to unlock every person’s potential to contribute to the growth and ongoing success of their business and help build a thriving society.

To enable established businesses to evolve, grow and scale in a complex environment, we recognise the importance of ongoing support. Our country needs resilient businesses now more than ever.

And for us, this means helping business leaders and their teams discover their own path to achieve personal and business ambitions, while finding ways of enjoying life more.

There’s more to enjoy in life.

We would love to work with you and your team to achieve
the GROWTH you are capable of.
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