How to deal with the challenges of scaling up a business

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4 key decisions to make Congratulations! You’ve started and grown your own, successful business! However, if you find your technical workload increasing to unmanageable levels as your business grows, you may need to change a few things about how you run your business. To help your business scale up successfully – to the point where it can operate without you – you as a business owner need to make decisions around 4 key business areas:

  1. Attracting and keep the right People
  2. Creating a Strategy that truly sets you apart from competitors
  3. Driving flawless Execution of that strategy
  4. Having plenty of Cash to fuel your growth and weather the storms
This video explains these in more detail, so you can start evaluating where to improve in each area.

Need tips on how to scale up successfully?

  1. If you’d like to meet our coaches in person to discuss your unique needs, contact us to perform a complimentary assessment of your business.
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  3. We also have lots of free information online, to help your business along its growth journey. Get them all here.