GROW’s core Programme is tailored around what a business owner and their team needs most to succeed.

Whether you’re aspiring towards growth, a more autonomous management team or handing over the family business, we’ll help you set goals and create strategies with more clarity. As any good partnership should, we stay responsible and accountable to each other while encouraging you and your team to discover your own path, unencumbered.

Implementing our framework involves training around key business principles and providing tools and templates that make these principles easier to apply in your business from the very next day.

GROW’s Business Coaching Framework is designed to achieve 4 main goals:

  • Help frustrated business owners become inspirational leaders so they can let go of the reins and harness the full potential of the people they lead.
  • Create a clear roadmap of the future for you and your team with a powerful action plan to get you there.
  • Build a healthy, high-performing team who play to their strengths and remain collectively accountable.
  • Provide ongoing support and tech-enabled learning to build operational excellence across all areas of your business, ensuring your strategy is successfully executed.

Ready to start your Business Coaching journey with us?

What can you expect?

First, we’ll spend time gaining an understanding of what your business goals are and assess where the business is today. From there, we identify the gap between your goals and where you are today and help you define a strategy and action plan that will bridge that gap.

Our coaching model is designed to assist scaling businesses with a minimum annual turnover of R10m or more. We offer 3 different levels of 1-1 coaching, depending on your needs and how much time you have to commit to the coaching process along with running your business.

All our coaching programs include the following:

  • Each programme includes a Comprehensive Business Assessment based on our GROWTH Formula Full-day Strategy Workshop with you and your team to produce a one page Strategic Plan
  • Regular coaching sessions (depending on which option you choose) to support meeting your goals and guide you through overcoming difficulties along the way, plus access to your coach via telephone, email and instant messaging to address questions between coaching sessions
  • Quarterly planning workshops to review progress each quarter against the annual action plan and to plan for the next quarter
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to support you and your team in achieving your goals and objectives
  • Get access to our online library of training on business principles which allows for easy learning and rapid application of business principles
  • Exclusive GROW Summit, where you and your team are guests of honour. At this summit, you will learn even more about yourself and your business, and will have the opportunity to connect with other accomplished business leaders and inspiring speakers
  • A copy of the Scaling UP Book for you and each of your management team
  • You’ll receive our SCALING UP newsletter, filled with interesting business success stories and insight into their strategies

Are you gearing to scale an established business?