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Just like every good athlete has a coach to help them achieve their peak performance, so every business needs a coach to help them achieve their goals.


As coaches, the first step is getting an understanding of what your business goals are and assessing where the business is currently. From there, we can identify the gap between goals and reality and define an action plan that will bridge that gap.

Our model is designed to include regular sessions with the business to ensure that the goals are being met, and to guide you through overcoming difficulties.

There are three coaching programs to choose from. The coaching programs differ only in the frequency or number of coaching sessions held each month. Each programme includes a Business Assessment and Scaling UP Workshop. You may adjust between the coaching programs following a discussion with your Coach to ensure, always, that you are receiving the appropriate level of support.

Up to 1.5 hours business coaching monthly, plus a Quarterly Planning session.

Up to 1.5 hours business coaching on a fortnightly basis, plus a Quarterly Planning session.

Up to 1.5 hours business coaching on a weekly basis, plus a Quarterly Planning session.

All coaching programs include the following additional benefits:

  • Input into your businesses marketing, systems, planning, strategy, people or other pieces;
  • Coach contact via telephone to address questions or queries in between coaching sessions;
  • Invites to your management team to the GROW Bi-Annual Growth Conference
  • A copy of the Scaling UP Book for each of your management team.

The benefit of using a business coach is that we can look at your business from an objective perspective and ask the right questions to identify areas that need improvement.


  • We delve into your process and workflow efficiency
  • Assist in getting a handle on your expenses and income and advise on how to streamline your cash flow through specialist finance insight.
  • Offer tools to resolve conflict in your team
  • Focus on building a One-Page-Strategic-Plan to align your team
  • Identify what the business goals should be for your business
  • How to execute plans and make your goals a reality
  • Learn how to lead and inspire people, not just manage them


Invest In Yourself
Managing business processes, leading teams and finding balance in your personal life requires personal and professional growth. We can help.

Invest In People

  • Retain A-Player employees
  • Find the right customers
  • Maintain shareholder relationships

Align Behind Strategy
A clear strategy is often elusive when you are in the trenches. We ask the right questions to help drive sustainable growth in revenue.

Streamline Execution
If you want to achieve industry-leading profitability, you need to perfect your processes and be organised.

Cash Flow
Improving cash flow doesn’t necessarily mean increasing sales or even profitability. Consistency is the key. We help you understand the key numbers in your business and where you can make small changes to unlock cash.

Marketing & Sales
By building a systematic sales pipeline and marketing engine, you can find (and delight) the right customers.

Our Growth methodology has been tested and refined through working with our clients and is proven to get results. Each aspect of the Growth methodology is supported by training and practical tools that allow you and your team to quickly and effectively apply

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