Get the clarity you need to take the next step in your business. Join our Free Business GROWTH Workshop.

Every month we host a 3-hour Group Business GROWTH Workshop at the Bryanston Country Club. This workshop is designed to ensure you receive specific attention and input into your business with a tailored approach.

We bring together a group of ambitious business owners to help you ring-fence and clarify your top 1 to 3 priorities in driving your business forward, sustainably.

To do this, you can expect to receive a questionnaire that will guide you to select key areas to focus on, followed up by a personal call from a coach to determine on what you need from the workshop.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to ask questions about those priorities and glean insights from other business owners’ challenges and experiences.

The path to real business growth has identifiable obstacles. Get practical insight and tools to navigate them, and tap into your potential to build and maintain a sustainable business strategy.

What will you learn?

  • How to create a winning position for your business in your marketplace
  • How to build a marketing plan that works
  • How to get tasks done in your business with less stress and hassle
  • Simple steps your company can take to substantially improve cash flow
  • How to build and retain a team of A-Players

The signature nuances of your past, present and future story is what fuels your professional passion, and we know that each journey is unique.



We’d like to meet you. Please give us a little information to book your spot at our free introductory business growth workshop:

Very specific and helpful – exactly what you would need to know in 2 hours.