Secret Service™ hidden systems is a technique that uses customer data like buying habits, purchasing history and referrals to personalise your customer’s experience with you.


Our customer service training workshops will teach you and your team realistic techniques to transform your customers’ experience using Secret Service™ systems:

  • Make brand evangelists of your existing customers
  • Build a service team that loves your customer and your business
  • Use complaints to fuel memorable experiences
  • Use marketing to build relationships
  • Hit a 95% customer retention and referral rate

Our focus will be on helping you understand your Customer Experience Journey Map.

A tip: you’ll want the whole team involved) to give you the complete picture of your customer interaction, allowing you to personalise their experience at every touch point.

Through our customer service coaching programme, we help you break down each stage into smaller parts with specific objectives. Your coach is there to keep you motivated and goal driven (and accountable).

Develop an in-house training programme for all employees that puts as much emphasis on memorable customer experiences as it does on technical knowledge of your business. Compete on value, not price.

get in touch and let us help you develop your customer game plan