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“When I started coaching my business was being negatively impacted by a complex and difficult partnership relationship. Working with GROW has helped us resolve these difficulties to the benefit of both partners. … Since joining coaching the business has grown in both turnover and profits and with the changes that have been made to the business I am enjoying my business again.”



“Joining a GROW coaching programme has helped us focus on the right business issues. … Having someone who is independent and objective to look at what we are doing from an “outside” perspective, and to bounce our ideas off, is a massive benefit of coaching and we have now extended coaching to all our senior team members.”



“When we started coaching, our business was faced with the worst economic conditions since the company was founded forty years ago. Having a coach helped us gain new business insights and principles and focused the business on the right areas, which has resulted in our profits growing again.”

Dee Bendall, Shaun Bendall
and Joanne Sykes


“The last three years have seen a tremendous growth in our business. Having a GROW coach on board has been vital in assisting us to manage that growth. Our coach has helped significantly improve staff productivity through implementation of clear staff performance measures, incentive schemes as well as the defining and training of staff in standard processes and procedures.”

Terence Shacklady, Partner Empowered Spaces Architects


“Having a coach has given me access to specific business knowledge that would take years to read and learn on my own. GROW has provided input on all aspects of my business including improving my sales process, financial management and operations. Since joining GROW my business has grown by 300% and in a single coaching session my coach was able to identify specific business opportunities that resulted in a significant increase in bottom line, and a 10 fold return on my investment in coaching.”

Alice Piktija, Owner THERMOMIX


”Coaching helped my business bounce back from the recession. … Within the first year of coaching my business returned to profitability and has grown ever since. Having a coach has helped me across all areas of my business. A coach will encourage you to set goals and keep you focussed on the important tasks on hand to achieve them.”

Digby Holdsworth, Owner ESSENTIAL MOULDINGS


“I love how my coach is 100% neutral! I appreciate how he plays Devil’s advocate and looks at my challenge from a neutral, outside perspective, and is able to give me an unemotional, educated opinion. I now also have the tools and have implemented key business principles which have allowed my business to develop faster and get better results. Having someone to discuss the challenges I face with my team has enabled me to manage my staff better, get more out of them, and appoint the right people in my business. This has resulted in my business growing consistently at 30% per year.”

Divan Smit, Owner WINDOWART


“I was trained as an attorney, but wasn’t trained in ‘how to run a business’. Being on a GROW coaching program has greatly assisted me in getting the business basics in place and taught me how to lead and manage my business. … when your clients are commenting that there is something different about your law firm, you know you are on to something!”



“Having a business coach keeps you accountable, motivates and puts pressure on you to get agreed actions in your business done. … Our business coach has helped us with lots of different strategies in our business from goal setting, to helping develop and implement our sales approach, and working with us on our customer communication. Most importantly our GROW coach has helped us triple the size of our customer base.”



“Since starting coaching we now have a team of A-Team players, through better selection and management. … We have greater confidence in our leadership capabilities and our team is focused around a set of goals that we are all working towards together. Our coach brings discipline to our team, keeps us focused on progress, and challenges us to shift some of our thinking about our business.”

Alison and Friedel Weihe, and
Michel Darebny


“After making losses for some time, the year I started coaching, my business made a profit! My GROW coach has help me define clear goals to keep my team focused and aligned. I have learnt how to communicate effectively with them, creating a pulse in the business, and this has enabled the business to move to another level. My GROW coach listens to me and my day to day challenges, then guides me to develop solutions to the problems I face. I value having someone who I can think through things with, step by step, strategizing together, before I implement anything. Coaching has taught me a lot about teamwork, and putting a plan into action.”

Dean Cane, Operations Manager MODERN PLUMBING


“Prior to starting a coaching programme with GROW, I was concerned as my revenue was dropping. Since I started with GROW, it has been growing consistently and in the right areas. My coach has assisted me to, implement important business principles, which have enabled me to run the business well, and I have more free time. Having a GROW coach has kept me focused on the key priorities and helped me think about my business differently. An outside perspective is very valuable. I’m a qualified CA (SA) and in theory, I should know how to run a business well, but it has been helpful to have
someone to keep me focussed.”

Adrian Miric, Owner AUDIT EXCEL

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